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    Exquisite Properties is comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in San Antonio & surrounding areas. Selling these “right addresses” is the mission of our knowledgeable real estate agents. Let us know what you’re looking for!

    Why it’s important to have a real estate agent:

    Few homeowners and homebuyers choose to forgo having a real estate agent assist with the buying or selling process. Although you may not necessarily need an agent to buy or sell a home, there are several advantages to having a real estate agent on your side.

    Buyers Agent

    When looking to purchase a home, having an experienced real estate agent is a great asset. Your agent stays up to date with open houses, sales data in neighborhoods and property taxes. They can pull profiles showing the sales history of a home, neighborhood demographics and much more; this information is far more detailed than something you may find online.

    Having an agent can also be beneficial when negotiating prices. An experienced real estate agent has already done the work on what other comparable homes have sold for (in the same area) and can give you a realistic expectations for submitting an offer. Your agent can also serve as a buffer between you and the seller’s agent so you don’t deal with the stress of negotiations or worry about being taken advantage of.

    Sellers Agent

    Choosing a knowledgeable real estate agent can make all the difference when it comes to how long your house stays on the market. To begin, your agent is most likely working with potential buyers. If they have a client or clients interested in purchasing a home in your neighborhood, you automatically have an advantage!

    Aside from their other clients, your agent can ensure you’re selling your home at the right price. Listing your home over or under what it’s worth can end up costing you thousands of dollars. When your home is listed at the correct price you’re more likely to sell sooner rather than later. For experienced real estate agents, it’s their job to understand the market and come up with a reasonable and accurate property value. Your real estate agent will make sure you get the most money for your home.

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