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Become an Exquisite Real Estate Agent

Exquisite Properties is growing and we’re looking for professional and experienced real estate agents who are dedicated to raising the standard of real estate in San Antonio.  Our business model is simple:  provide a limited number of top tier agents with the Cutting Edge Technology, Strategic Marketing Partnerships and Broker, Staff and Legal support that give them a huge competitive advantage.  By partnering exclusively with successful and professional agents with the strongest ethics and character, Exquisite Properties is positioned to change the business of real estate brokerage:


Technology is the future of real estate, and that future is now.  Our agents are equipped with an industry leading Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform that allows them to track prospects to conversions, track communication and follow-ups with clients, generate leads, customize smart email drip marketing campaigns, and handle the increased workflow generated by our marketing partnerships.  Our intelligent CRM show you what your buyers are looking at, who they are sharing it with, and tells you when a new property comes on the market that might be interested in.

3d43ee3Lead Generation

The big real estate portals, Zillow and, get their traffic from Google and resell it to agents.  While we have lead generating partnerships with both of those portals, we don’t rely on them to do all of the work for us.  We also invest heavily in direct lead generation through PPC Google Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Site-Retargeting, Social Media and other advanced internet technologies that help connect our business with our future customers.  We have some very experienced strategic partners in this space including Hearst Media Services and Google, and few brokerages can match what we’re doing online.

Strategic Partnerships

Realtors are advisers, and they are marketers.  Having a well oiled and effective marketing machine is critical to any agent doing a high volume of business.  We don’t get paid to list houses, we get paid to sell houses and our marketing needs to get our listings in front of the entire world in a flattering and effective way.  We have negotiated strong marketing channel partnerships that allow for the broadest reach both online and in print at bulk pricing rates.  We are the exclusive Luxury Real Estate partner of the San Antonio Express News and only our real estate listings are shown to the over 40,000 people that visit the luxury channel of the Express News every month, and the people they share with on social media.

Real Estate LawReal Estate Law Support

Our Broker, Micah Harper, is an experienced real estate attorney.  In fact, the brokerage and the philosophy behind it were born out of his law practice and the opportunity he saw to support and train Realtors that are professionals.  When you have legal questions for your real estate business, or for a client, he is here to assist you.  If you need a contract changed or a custom provision drafted to make a deal happen, he is just down the hall.  When there is no other option than to settle a matter in court, his relationships with litigation attorneys make an otherwise difficult process seamless for your clients.  When your clients need more complex ownership structures like LLC’s and IRA’s, you have the legal resources to do those deals.  In a business where the product is expensive and mistakes can be very costly, having a Broker who is an Attorney is priceless.

Logo - EPStaff & Office Support

Because we don’t have new or part time agents, our business model allows us to forego charging monthly office fees.  Our support staff work hard to keep the office working efficiently, the phones answered, messages delivered and documents scanned at all times.  We expect that you are out working hard for your clients and we don’t need to count how many pages you printed or how many cups of coffee you drank.  When you need an option fee receipted, or document faxed, a client to come by and sign or any other of 100 important tasks our staff is always standing by to assist you.  Our office culture is collaborative, cooperative and designed to push us all to be better Realtors, if you need anything all you have to do is ask.

Application Requirements

We don’t hire just anyone.  Each of our select agents is key to our combined success.  Here are our basic requirements:

  1. Licensed for at least 2 years
  2. Combined Sales Volume of over $8,000,000 in the past 24 months
  3. No disciplinary history with the Texas Real  Estate Commission
  4. The strong desire to do the right thing, for the right reason, and always for put your client first

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, contact us today to arrange an interview.