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Buying or Selling your Home?  Hire a professional to advise you.

Win-win solution in word tag cloud on whiteWith thousands of real estate agents in San Antonio and more getting their license every week, how do you know who to trust with the purchase or sale of your home?  Wading through the barrage of advertisements, mailers, phone calls and emails is a hassle and that isn’t a guarantee that you will find the right agent.  Many agents practice real estate in their spare time, as a second job, or to supplement their retirement which means that they are not 100% focused on you and your home.  Add to that the many Brokers who charge their agents a small monthly fee and do not oversee what their agents are doing, don’t offer training and aren’t investing in the latest technology.  A Broker’s role is to support their agents and to provide the technology and marketing opportunities that would be too expensive for any one agent to purchase alone.  Where do you go to hire a professional real estate agent? How do you know that the agent you hired has the skill, Broker support and tools to really be the advisor that you need?

Google “real estate agents in San Antonio” and you will find thousands of agents eagerly offering their services to help you buy or sell your home.  All of them will tell you that your home is your largest financial investment, but they often do not tell you why they are qualified to handle that kind of investment and financial decision for you.  In the same way that you would not hire a financial advisor who does not have a track record of successfully creating wealth for other clients, you should not hire a real estate agent who does not have a track record of successfully helping clients buy and sell homes.  The best evidence of this kind of track record are testimonials and references from satisfied past clients.  Buying or selling your home affects your finances but it also affects your family dynamic, your children’s schools, your family stress level and your future.  Overpaying for a home today, buying a home with negative market characteristics (poor maintenance, poor location, busy street, awkward layout, outdated design), or failing to identify a title or survey defect will make it difficult to sell your home when you are ready to upsize/downsize or move to take a better job in another place.  These are some of the problems that you are paying your real estate agent to help you avoid.

Real estate marketing has also changed tremendously in the past 10 years with the internet and social media.  More than 8 out of 10 buyers will start their search for a home on the internet and will continue to search for homes online even after they have hired a real estate agent.  This statistic alone shows that how properties are photographed, positioned and marketed online is critical to their exposure to the pool of available buyers and yet there are still real estate agents who take listing photos with their iPhone and allocate no marketing budget to online marketing.  Many real estate agents will freely admit that they are not “computer savvy,” which is a serious limitation in today’s digital world.  If you are selling your home, why would you hire a real estate agent who is not an expert at marketing your property online where more than 80% of buyers are looking?  If you’re buying, why would you hire a real estate agent who has not invested in the latest technology on their website to help you search easily, save the homes that you like and notify you immediately when a new home matching your search comes on the market?

Equally as important as your real estate agent’s ability to properly market your home is their commitment to spend the time and money that it takes to do their job the right way.  When a real estate agent agrees to market your home for sale, they are committing to spending marketing dollars to make sure that your home is presented to the marketplace in the most attractive manner and in the proper publications and websites.  Conversely, when a real estate agents agrees to help you purchase a home they are committing to being available, when you need them be, to show you the homes that you want to see.

Exquisite Properties has become the answer to this market uncertainty by hiring only professional, full time and highly trained real estate agents.  Founded in 2009 by licensed Real Estate Attorney and Broker Micah Harper, Exquisite Properties is intentionally designed to address the widely varying quality of real estate agents in today’s marketplace.  Today’s agent has to be one part real estate adviser, one part marketing expert, one part technology guru and one part customer service fanatic.  To achieve that high level of professionalism in any industry requires a full-time commitment and real estate is no different.  As a Broker, Mr. Harper has made significant investment in creating a cutting edge marketing and technology platform for his agents to leverage to assist their clients.  As Exquisite Agents, each real estate agent has made a commitment to education, training and the highest degree of professionalism.  In founding Exquisite Properties, Mr. Harper has made a commitment to hold himself and his real estate agents to a higher standard and be the change that he wants to see in the industry.

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